About Founder

Kamal Taravati

Kamal was born in 1956 in Hamedan. He began his studies in music composition in Tehran National Music School and Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran and pursued his graduate studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. During these years he became familiar with the piano, flute, harp, violin, and Iranian traditional instruments, tombak and kamancheh. He has more than 38 years of experience as a music instructor and a composer and has worked for Iran’s national television and radio as an expert in the field of music.

A pioneer of Iranian choir music in Canada, Kamal started working with Iran Choir as instructor and conductor from January 2007. He should be praised for his tireless efforts in founding, organizing, teaching, and leading Iranian National Choir which he founded in 2008. The group has flourished into an integral part of the Iranian-Canadian artistic community under the leadership of Kamal. He has been involved in organizing and leading choir groups since 1985. Believing in the indispensable contribution of choir groups to the cultural life of the community, he established the Iranian National Orchestra and Children Choir in 2009, and the Iranian Youth Orchestra in 2010 in Canada. Kamal also founded Nava Music Centre in 1985, which later became Nava School of Music to offer music training from beginner to advanced levels in the fields of musical instruments, composition. He founded Nowruz Festival Canada and perform it as first time on March 15, 2014, in Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts. He also created the Colourful Flowers project “concert tour” in 2014.

Nava Music Center

Nava Group was founded in 1985 by Kamal Taravati and in 1991 adopted the name of Nava as its official name. With the foundation of Nava Music Centre, this group obtained more capability and integrity.
Since the foundation, Nava has been teaching music based on Carl Orff (Contemporary German Musician1895-1982) philosophy from beginner to advanced level in the fields of play instrument, composing and performing music.
In order to fulfill one of its cultural missions to promote academic and authentic music, Nava has performed many concerts, recitals, choir and ensembles for different occasions and in various fields including Classical, National, Folkloric, Children and motion picture music.